Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


Introducing a new player character was the best idea ever!

I just can't find the last plate, any hints?


You know you just opened your self to a lot of nagging to get a third one because of the way it ended. I have to agree it wasn't as good as the first one or KOLMIAM because it was a little short, but it was still really good.


Hope this time you don't lose to an oral sex simulator, Hehe


That was an awesome game! the intense is pretty steady... and... i got pretty lost in the middle... but I finished it!
nice game you made there. I wish I could make a game like this in the future!!!

I'ts kinda sad that "Sis" need to be like the family to be in the family... what DID they do to her anyway?

hm, I kinda get the ending

The game is great, I don't know why almost everyone is complaining...
the ending is kinda easy to figure out
those two aren't really their parents, that is proven by the sister's talk: "Oh no, it's those two!" when she was fully aware she was going to see "daddy". they are probably robot built by their parents to take care of their children, but ended up with self-awareness of their power and killed their parents, maybe "Robert" is also not really the real Robert, but actually another one of these robots, but has the memories of his "previous life" as Robert.... or not...