Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Great sequel, though a little short

I'd played the previous game through about three times in preparation for this. I wasn't disappointed by this. It did a good job continuing the story. I enjoyed the new power-ups as they were well done. I just felt in the end that it may have been a tad shorter than it could have been. Though really that's not too much of an issue.


It's to see a continuation of this series that redefines itself in the sequel as not just another metroid-ish game (despite the name!) as instead a quest of discovery and reuinion. The dialogue was great again.

Love this game.

But next time, can you please program the game so we can use WASD or arrow keys?

i dont get the frst moment did the mom is bad?

cause i finished the first and i forgote something

I think i found a bug

This game was really nice.
I like those kids talking to each other "your turn" sooo cute.
Its a good to have all "old" upgrades and don't need to find and plug them in again.
The light-/water thing is good, too!

I found a tiny error at lights:
when you kill a mob who is in the light-beam, his shadow remains and can be still used by robo. (looks a bit strange, when there is a shadow without a reason anymore).
I killed a little bug-like enemy on camera 6 when it crawls up the wall in light.

Sorry for bad english.