Reviews for "Feed Us"

Cool game :D

The idea was quite good, the game was easy and addictive. But, it has a few bugs that if they could be fixed it would give you a 10/10...
By the way I had the best piranhas and 20 of them... The big piranha got stuck and a shark ate all my fishes :( FUCK! xD

to many bugs on a good game and concept

great game but i've been hitting to many problems
*your fish can get completely lost when the jump since they fly off screen.
*they seem to center on the main fish and that cuase the game to some times make all the fish get stuck or moving around the whole lvl and not giving u a change to play.
*prey getting stuck in the air or off screen some times from a stray fish darting from 1 side to another knocking him of the screen.
*fish suicide ( saw this twice where fish keeps tring to get to a place and hit something till it dies some times very fast some times slow and u can lose all ur fish in a sec).
*alot of times ut fish will be out of ur control since its tring to much to correct it self (lead to one time where a shark killed all my fish when i didnt even c it
the main problem seems to come from the controls on the fish. hope you can fix that since many times i cant kill people even with all my fish flying around since they dont hit them some times

Great game but....

Great game, original bloodthirsty premise but annoyingly difficult to control the fish. The number of times I had my fish jump wildly off screen and not return for up to 10 secs drove me mad. An improved mouse following code would improve this game greatly.

good but has bugs

It's a good game and I like how the fish changes with the upgrades. I ran into few bugs though that were quite annoying. One bug was that the people who fall off the boat are sometimes swimming in the air, aka flying so you can't eat them. I also once got stuck off screen after a big jump but that bug somehow fixed itself (my fish came back after stuttering for like 5 sec).

Also pretty big bug was that the level where you need to get 25 liters of blood, not enough humans come! I ate every human that came with boats and I managed to get 15-20 liters only (on several tries). After some time there are no more humans coming, like the last 30 seconds are that only the shark comes like 4 times in a row. You can't pass the level which was a bad ending for this game. Still it was worth playing up until that point. Good job.

Nice Game

But unfortunatly it gets really laggy the second the people fall in the water making the game very difficult to play and enjoy. If something could be done about the lag from all the objects on the screen at once then it would score higher but as is the game is more tedious then fun.