Reviews for "Feed Us"

Very stylized and original

I haven't played much but from the looks of it this is gunna be a lot of fun for a long time.

This game is...

Simply the best mouser game on Newgrounds! I wasn't once bored, the graphics are quite simply extravagant, sweet audio, and quite possibly the best platform for a game since... Ever?


Quite fun though i had some difficulty with the controls because the fish didn't seem to exactly go where you point that as accurately. Anytime the prey was near the surface swimming,the fish would simply jump out rather than bite and make me lose time to get them in position to eat.


Fun, but when I hit upgrade, non of the upgrades appear and I'm stuck with just the background.

Good Game

It's got good graphics and room for growth. You could play this for a while and still be entertained, I did. You should make this a Droid or iPhone App.