Reviews for "Feed Us"

cool but also seems rushed

although the graphics were detailed on their own, the animation was jerky and very basic. There was also only about... 5 character models, so they would constantly reappear. It would be cool if you could customise your "seed" (WTF??), and also if you could just click where you want to bite, because wiggling your mouse is very inaccurate. There is also a bug i encountered where if i wanted to add more "seed" then the buttons would disappear and only the background would be visible.
All in all, i feel that this is a very rushed game, you could have improved the drawings/animations, there are a few bugs, there are even fewer levels, the whole experience felt very..... basic. Dont get me wrong, it was very fun, and im only trying to highlight the obvious bugs/mistakes made in the game. Sorry! :(

great game

I think a few buttons are messed up, the videos wernt working the + games button dosnt work and what are the cheats for? great game though


A good game all in all but some if any form of plot would be nice.

Not bad

Found 2 bugs.
1) I beat the first level on my first try, bought 1 seed, and continued. beat the second level, and then when I go into upgrades, it just gets stuck and the fish with the bone screen. Problem resolved by ignoring it and not buying upgrades at that level. Other level upgrades are fine.
2) My firefox crashed sometime during this (not your games fault) but the autosave seems to have gone funny. I was at least past the point where it needed 17 L of blood to get to next level but when i pressed continue, Im back at the point where I beat the first level and nothing else.
Others: seeds move kinda funny, you can still eat people who fell out of the screen if you have lots of seeds by running around on the bottom, sometimes people swim into the air and swim up where we cant get them.

Awesome Game

2 Problems needs more upgrades and levels pther than that its a pretty sweet game. If u decide to make a second one please do these suggestions

PopBrain responds:

I will