Reviews for "Feed Us"

Nice game

I totally don't agree about the 'balance it out by removing sharks' talk, dodging sharks was probably easier than eating humans lol...
The game is really good, 5/5, 10/10 etertained me for about 1h and I hoep it will entertain much more people.


"You reach the shore by doing a huge bloddy bath"

It's the most beautiful thing that somebody said me ever :-D

What Nell said.

I have to agree with NellAnder. Sometimes I'd spend a whole level just dodging sharks, or I'd run out of people, and then just spend a few minutes dodging sharks until the level counted out.

Very nice game though. Fun to play. Challenge curve is good. And it's pretty funny when I devour someone's entire torso but they're still swimming away.


This deserves a 10 for everything, except one thing : Sharks.
In a level, I got 9 sharks, 2 people, and then end of the level ! Wtf ?
If you put in less sharks and more upgrades, that could be a very good game =)

cool but also seems rushed

although the graphics were detailed on their own, the animation was jerky and very basic. There was also only about... 5 character models, so they would constantly reappear. It would be cool if you could customise your "seed" (WTF??), and also if you could just click where you want to bite, because wiggling your mouse is very inaccurate. There is also a bug i encountered where if i wanted to add more "seed" then the buttons would disappear and only the background would be visible.
All in all, i feel that this is a very rushed game, you could have improved the drawings/animations, there are a few bugs, there are even fewer levels, the whole experience felt very..... basic. Dont get me wrong, it was very fun, and im only trying to highlight the obvious bugs/mistakes made in the game. Sorry! :(