Reviews for "Feed Us"

I dont know...

Its cool idea but it's to short, and in the end i don't even have all upgrades...

Its good game but needs some more work

Great Concept

I saw this game and my mind went straight to that piranha 3D movie, and I loved that movie :D! Then I played the game, and I really enjoyed it, it was very gratifying to kill someone in two pass byes after fully upgrading my piranha. But I ran into some problems with the game mechanics. When I jumped out the water I lost control, which wasn't a huge problem because I can tell you made it that way for a reason, but it just got really annoying when I flew offscreen for upwards to ten seconds at a time. Also sometimes after I went back into the water I would not regain control of the fish for a while, which gave the sharks the ample time to eat me and all my babies D:<. Once on a level where the sea floor was bumpy I actually flew through the floor and had to restart. I also found it strange that the sharks only attacked piranhas and not people, I just thought it'd bump up the challenge if the shark would carry people who still had meat on them away. But overall I think it is a great game!

This game made my day!

Awesome men! 9/10

Honestly, Meh

Lets add a little realism shall we? maybe people TRYING to save their friend being eaten alive? Makes it easy and gives more time to kill. Why are my fish flying out of the water randomly? Sharks are more of an anoyyance then threat, can we eat them sometime to establish ourselves as the dominate predator in the eco system? Oh and what ever everyone said before, like the upgrades.