Reviews for "Feed Us"

Like Pacman, But All Over the Place

I really like this concept, being a piranha and eviscerating everything in sight with six upgradeable abilities from the jaws down to the piranha school, but as far as control is concerned, the piranha may as well be on meth: because this game utilizes the mouse purely for movement, sensitivity is so damned unbalanced that charging boats and victims nine times out of ten sends you flying off of the screen, and this makes dodging the enemy shark difficult in addition to missing your chance to finish off your "meals." And there's also a slight glitch that makes your piranha stuck on the bed. All in all, this ain't bad, but it could have used some more refinement.

Nice game

I like it but it would be nice after you finish the game a bonus level opens with no sharks and lots of people


the game itself is pretty good but theres a bug that wont let me go past area 2 eventhough i have over 5 liters of blood when u only need 4 please fix

cheats do not work

Cheats menu does not work!

not bad

some bugs but not too many, really needs a story though, length was a little short but perfect for this game, would have been nice to have been able to eat the sharks too, the prob with too many sharks and not enough people could easily be remedied by putting a set number of people and sharks and then set it too send them out at rendom, would also have been nice for the timer not too start until youve eaten all humans on screen but that could cause some bugs,overall 8/10 4/5.

P.S. highest personall bite combo of 535.

cheers, FN.