Reviews for "Feed Us"


Fun, but when I hit upgrade, non of the upgrades appear and I'm stuck with just the background.

cool but also seems rushed

although the graphics were detailed on their own, the animation was jerky and very basic. There was also only about... 5 character models, so they would constantly reappear. It would be cool if you could customise your "seed" (WTF??), and also if you could just click where you want to bite, because wiggling your mouse is very inaccurate. There is also a bug i encountered where if i wanted to add more "seed" then the buttons would disappear and only the background would be visible.
All in all, i feel that this is a very rushed game, you could have improved the drawings/animations, there are a few bugs, there are even fewer levels, the whole experience felt very..... basic. Dont get me wrong, it was very fun, and im only trying to highlight the obvious bugs/mistakes made in the game. Sorry! :(


when you jump to high and too far you end up stuck under the rocks

Doesn't save

I thought it was pretty fun when I played it last night, but when I returned I realized that it hadn't saved. You seem to have forgotten to include a save option so i lost everything I did. : /

Needs More

This is a nice concept but it would be more exciting if you expounded on it a bit more. Maybe more challenging and more stuff about the levels, more things in it.