Reviews for "Feed Us"

Nice but...

I like it alot but sometimes it hangs in the menu and it is just too slow. There is not that much happening that should decrease the framerate so much. Now I don't have worlds fastest laptop but it is very able to run a flashgame properly. Have you considered bitmap or animation caching? For lets say the blood part. That really does wonders.

not bad

this game was fun,getting to shed innocent humans to skeletons was cool, a little short but if it had many more stages it would have became far to repetitive. the lag got me several times and i found when my seed piranhas went off screen they seemed to die.
i also got stuck off screen a few times and had to watch as the health humans swam to safety.
the upgrades were alright and the way the cursor piranha would change was a good touch.

Adorable little fishies...

... won't be here, this ain't no Farm Ville! You, my friend, have piranhas, nearly as awesome as pirateanhas, and they want pure gory flesh and action. Nothing unique but it's still a nice game with nice graphics. I had some bugs so it's only a 7/10 ;)

Pretty addicting and fun

really amazing job on this game, my only complaint is that after the screens starts getting filled with too much the lag gets soo bad, i even turn down the graphics all the way down to to manage game play, not only that but after i finish a level and it's time to go to the upgrade screen it wont pull up and i have to restart the game (thank god for auto save)
in the end it's still an amazing game and fun as hell, and i'll continue to play :)
keep up the great work

pretty cool

Its a pretty cool game. That piranha is one bad ass looking mo fo! I got stuck and/or lost a few times which was annoying. It seemed to really like to ling you into the air and that hang time is just agonizing when there is flesh to be mauled.