Reviews for "Feed Us"


This game was so awesome, and I also like the use of the song from Anaconda this game deserves 500 stars.


Big Pirahnas: BIPI
Eat in One Bite: EAIN
Invincible Fish: INFI
10 Liters of Blood: LIOF
The Only 4 Cheats I Used
Great Game, BTW. Deserves 10 Stars!

More Frustrating Than Fun - Not Recommended

This game's detail certainly earns it some respect, but, at the same time, its far more abundant oversights of fundamental mechanics really mar the experience. Here are a few things that made game-play "off": the piranha moves progressively more slowly as it approaches the cursor, making precise movements difficult and clunky; the terribly low gravity makes jumping out of the water (which occurs often and is oftentimes involuntary) terribly time consuming; the seedling piranhas' following function is sloppy and delayed, this makes moving them out of harm's way extremely difficult; there is no timer, I highly recommend applying one.

I condemn 'Feed Us' and do not recommend it.

wonderful game!

This game can make me forfget something bad in my life,and Kill people makes me feel so happy.

It was a very addictive game

it was very very very fun but on the higer levels i would find myself waiting for the level to end and saying every 2 seconds "Oh another fuckin shark" but overall good game