Reviews for "Feed Us"


got a blood thirsty animal in the house but not enough space to play..it a fish not a bird why waste so much time in the air instead of the water..

nice game

Shark: Nah.. im not going to eat all these helpless people who cant swim, instead I will try to kill the fish and its friends who sunk their boat!

Feeding Frenzy

My one gripe is that it could be a little bit longer, but aside from that, this sated my appetite with lots of bloody-good entertainment.

I hope there's a sequel with something similar, like sharks, or some other nasty predatory animal.

nice, but...

very nice game, but there are 3 points that gives (at least to me) the sensation one is wasting time.

1) when you buy upgrades, so sloooow
2) when you finish all the flesh (oops, sorry, blood) in the stage and no more is coming near,

maybe i'm the only one feeling that, but i think you should add a "skip" button in those points, the third is

3) the slow down when is off water... well, it makes the jump totally unworthy, hit a boat four times is faster or at least more funny than look that cretin fly for ages in air, wondering if you should light a sigarette before you regain control...

Good job.

I really like this type of games where you can upgrade your character/monster everytime you eat people, etc. The art is great and i like the little Jaws refrence when the Shark appears. Good job, mate. The game is also addictive and i like the part when you can have other little fishes helping you out when you upgrade them.