Reviews for "Feed Us"

very rock

hey, how about sharks. i want to eat them too

Great game buuuut

There's no save and it froze up where you exit out of the upgrades...
It needs help in the controls a bit and how the hell did the shark just eat my spawn...
But what I really think is irritating...IS THAT F***ING DAMN SHARK D8<!
He like pops up every five friggen seconds, it drove me up the wall!
And so far since it freezes up, I can't finish this game...
Which is a real shame because I love the concept D8

Good game

Good game,fun,easy controls,sometimes the game lag,and sometimes people bump off the screen. And the game is too short. But it's always good. 4/5, 8/10

Nice game, crap controls

It's fun and a nice concept but the controls just feel awful. The fish tend to be all over the place and seem to be lagging a bit. One problem I keep running into is knocking people out of their boats and they fly off screen, which feels really annoying. If the controls were improved a bit and people were less likely to fly off screen, or in one case I had happen the piranha was eating the guy and it bumped him off screen, I think this could be a fun game. One thing I really liked was upgrading and seeing the upgrades upon order.

GOOD game

its a good game, and its fun.... but (for me) its not that much addicting.... but it is still a game worth playing ^^