Reviews for "Feed Us"


You have made terrafied of pissing off paranihas or how ever you spell it. Point is I'm not swimming in the ocean,

it auto savs so you can just click continue...

the dude down theres just a dumbass. i love this game too.

1 hour

1 hour and i beat the game

Good game. Nice concept.

Like Starfox 64, this game doesn't need a save feature to play the way through. Shouldn't take longer than half an hour, everyone. I like just leaping out of the water and having an 80 hit combo with a huge line of piranha going crazy.

Doesn't save

I thought it was pretty fun when I played it last night, but when I returned I realized that it hadn't saved. You seem to have forgotten to include a save option so i lost everything I did. : /