Reviews for "Feed Us"

Fun game, please improve.

I had fun with this game, when it worked. It locked up when I went to the upgrade menu once, then another time when I was playing, my piranha jumped off screen and never came back. Also, jumping in this game is very frustrating. Most of the time when I want to nip at the victims' feet that are at the surface, I jump out of the water and get stuck in a slow-motion jump while my victim swims away. Also, it is very frustrating when trying to attack victims on the left or right side of the screen. Please improve this game, it has a lot of potential!

coool but

the graphic while eating peaple was......pretty pathetic.... but the upgrade graphis was nice :D


why do all fun looking games m

i dont want to swimm any more



You have made terrafied of pissing off paranihas or how ever you spell it. Point is I'm not swimming in the ocean,