Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"


the story was amazing, even though there was no villain.

This is wonderful

This was by far the best point-and-click adventure I have ever played. It had a unique atmosphere, very funny comments, and a great story! This game really sucked me in, with it's own characters and places. The music was also very beautiful. I never wanted to stop playing! Please make some sort of sequel! If not a direct one, then maybe a spiritual one!

Best game ever

This made me smile uncontrollably. Very well done, and very witty!


Fantastic, though wordy.... but the words were necessary for what you were trying to achieve...so.....

It was very different and unique and creative. I loved it, the humor was great, well thought out, well put together.... good job!

...banana-throwing festival, eh? Better hide the Sad Splinters, then.
OH GOD, the Tolnedran merchants asking Belgarion for a bailout! Brilliant!
But what did Polgara have to say about it?
OO Vermis and the King in Yellow! Excellent! Can't remember what they're about, but I remember them.
And, what? No Bhelliom? ;) AND GRUES! YOU HAVE GRUES! ;) I LOVE YOU MAN.
I DO wish there was a way to turn the music off. Repetitive noise fries my nerves after a while, even if it is quite pleasing, as this music is.


I absolutely LOVE this style of game. I am so happy I found this, finally. Can't believe I didn't find it sooner. Your sense of whimsy... is... like reading Jacques' Redwall for the first time, or staring at the ocean calm at night. This game was beautiful, sir. Thank you.