Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Excellent Little Story

As Monkius said the score for this game is a little bizarre but my guess is some people didn't really play it.
The game was great fun; both the story and the extraneous puns and references that were attached to everything.


This one of the best games I've ever played. The zany characters, beautiful drawings and most of all the message it sent created an amazing world to be in.Make more, because you obviously have incredible potential.

Really touching...

Everything is so nice! The artwork is very traditional, the wording is so much fulfilling and the end is very touching itself. It was a bit hard, yet a bit easy... Such a good game...

Jampacked with whimsy, with very basic gameplay. Nothing too hard, except the alleyway to the circus is missable if you're not paying attention. The text is funny but often very subtle - I particularly like how the circus cat says that humans are "ironically" called homo sapiens. Sending the depressed robot on the trip of a lifetime is rather touching, but sadly the ending lacks any emotional impact. Finding the Book is an anticlimax, because the real joy of this game is the exploration!

Loving it so far. Do you DM? ;)