Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

This game is pretty awesome o:

I don't know why it's receiving such a low score? It's very entertaining and it has length. I guess people don't like to read? Or something Oo

Great game! Favorited and everything =p


I sit here in a slight sense of awe at the story that I just worked through. It wasn't particularly difficult, or challenging, but all the beautiful little details, the gentle story, the perfect music, and the storybook imagery drew me in and filled me with the emotion and prose of the story. This is an instant favorite, and is as much a work of art, as a game, as an adventure, as a beautiful story. I would love to see this in the art game collection.

At first it was silly and absurd...

but by the end it became clear that there was more to the story.

Beautiful story, and easy (but engaging) gameplay. It was nice to see the world filled with ..Oddness! Some really charming backstories here. I loved the art, it suited the game so nicely.

Fantastic, though wordy.... but the words were necessary for what you were trying to achieve...so.....

It was very different and unique and creative. I loved it, the humor was great, well thought out, well put together.... good job!