Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

You never cease to wow me

Each of your games always brings something new to the table that just blows my mind, Jonas. From the story, to the visual environment, to the little Easter eggs you hide throughout, each game is just wonderful.

I just wish this could have been longer, but perhaps the brevity was appropriate in its own way.


Was a little tricky, but everyone had the answers.

Beautiful, calming music.
Such a beautiful story though, and the ending..
Worth every minute. :)

5/5 10/10


Amazing, just amazing, this story has the ability to change entire outlooks, the ability to see beauty is so profound and this game simplified it. Amazing. Amaaazing.

Cute, sweet, and it has an awesome message.

I really, really like this. The drawings are adorable. The game play is long enough to be involving and quick enough not to bore. In particular, I like that the message this game gives encourages reading and the pursuit of knowledge, not just with the search for a book but in Raven's quest to learn about the people and places around her. The side story about the Pegasus was very sweet. I also appreciated all the details and hard work you put into this, most noticeable in the field of eyeballs where you can click every eyeball and it generates a different message. Excellent game that I would recommend to anyone looking to take ten minutes or so out of their day to play.

Christ! That was even better than the prequel!