Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Very good

I enjoyed this game. It certainly deserves a much higher score than it has. I think people probably voted it down based on its unpolished graphics (but I don't care about that).

I suggest also, that you let the character pick up some items directly instead of having everything happen through a conversation, just to add variety.

Too cute <3

The graphics leave a little to be desired but the story is good enough that I don't care. It's a very sweet story and many people would do good to learn from it.

An amazing game

The simple drawing style, the message, simple gameplay and calming music really added to this, it deserves Frontpage, and definately deserves a place in the Art section.

True Storytelling

This is incredible. I wish more stories could be told like this. You have a gift.

Not yet?????

Whats up with the part with the door that says not yet??? even after getting the book it still says not yet???