Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Cave of No Return it's ok

pas mal

Flsah version not that great!

Having played both the original stand alone, windows version and this flash version of the game I must say the differeces in lag and controlls are quite big. The game is still ok, but it is a sad fact that this game does not perform at it's best.

For me the graphics works but I guess it all comes down to the screen and color settings.


this game is frustrating as all hell, but god damn is it addicting!lol
i dont know if its just the idea that it changes everytime or the internal competition i have going on with this game. but i cant stop trying to get just ALITTLE bit further each time.lol
way to go on the gaming equivelant of crystal meth you jerk LOL

Até que é legal

Gostei um pouco desse jogo mais não passei da primeira fase XD

Average of 2 scores

First time I played this, I was blazed off my ass: the game was terrifying. The premise being "run INTO a cave with no end, that you cannot return from" and that was bad enough before I found out there were also rocks falling behind you. I also thought the sliding was similar to wavedashing which pleased me, so I give it a 6. I played it now, again, however, and can now take notice of all of the flaws... so I give it a 2. Average of 4.