Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

for those who don't know SLIDE LIKE CRAZY

quite intersting game
but some kind of upgrade menu would be nice :)
concept,graphics and music is good
by the way is there a name to the song?

awsome game.

If you hit the down button rapidly, and jump when nescesary you may avoid getting cot in the colasping cave longer. this may also help to speed up quickly to "lose" the colaspingness and avoid danger. but beware of obsticles, they come at you quickly and timing when you jump is tricky.


How exactly am I supposed to avoid a spike that goes all the way from the top, right to the ground?

It's alright

Nice visuals and sound, it's a straight forward game that kills time. Like the retro style.

Also hint for people dying early, start sliding.

great game

seriously bad lag problem