Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

awsome game.

If you hit the down button rapidly, and jump when nescesary you may avoid getting cot in the colasping cave longer. this may also help to speed up quickly to "lose" the colaspingness and avoid danger. but beware of obsticles, they come at you quickly and timing when you jump is tricky.


How exactly am I supposed to avoid a spike that goes all the way from the top, right to the ground?

It's alright

Nice visuals and sound, it's a straight forward game that kills time. Like the retro style.

Also hint for people dying early, start sliding.

really good

wow, what a great game this is!

I like the whole concept of getting as far as possible without dying. Since the avalanche is constantly gaining in on you, there's no tedious or boring parts in the game, you just keep moving and staying ahead while jumping over/sliding under different obstacles. I also like the fact that you made it necessary to make these swift decisions on when to jump, when to slide and when to run faster. Compared to similar games like "fly the copter", this style of gameplay is far more interesting.

The graphics are the strongpoint of this game. I really like the fact that you just left it to different shades of gray. It fits the whole survival-thing and gives that certain atmosphere of danger (kind off like the xbla game "limbo"). The sprites are also kept on an oldschool level without any unnessecary bullshit just for the sake of it. Again, nice job.

Finally, the music/soundeffects. Here you did a good job aswell. The sound of the avalanche is a nice touch and the music in the background frames everything in quite well.

All in all, a great piece of work.

Not a bad game

This game was fun to play at times because you really had to keep on going. The thing that weighed it down was how hard it got. There also isn't a lot of detail in this, but it's still done fairly well. The graphics are nice and I like the dark overtone of the atmosphere. It's fun just to see the main character flop around like that. It certainly lives up to its name as you will die if you so much as look back, another stock phrase.

I am so glad I figured out that you could slide to go faster. You pretty much had to make every single jump in order to get that ahead. It was funny how you didn't describe what the medals were, but they weren't secret or anything. The music also creates a pretty creepy atmosphere. It's kind of a weird game, but recommendable.