Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Difficult, good looking

A fun and challenging game. I'm keen on the art style, too.

@Jebes909090 Regardless of if there is a way to win the game, just because you can't beat it doesn't make it flawed. "Tetris" for example.

Great game

Great game, but I slightly wish it had more of a storyline, mabye some levels also


I enjoy these types of games a lot. Only thing I would like there to be is for it to be able to go even faster.

Cave of No Return it's ok

pas mal

Medal Problems....

The only medals I got were the tripping ones, and reaching a certain point ones. When spent the entire first part of the cave directly next to the avalanche I didn't get a medal. And I can't seem to get the sliding ones either, even though I've slided over 100 times. Is it because I didn't slide enough? Or is it a bug?