Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"

cool as always

voting 9 insted of 10 because all of that speech is a compendium of bullshit and you probably have some issues going on and some medication to take

but hey, its a nice movie and its entertaining, even though its as true as the easter rabbit


You are incredible. I doubt our civilization will attain a Murkabah by 2012. Let's hope we don't fall too far down the rabbit hole! Love the Buddy Christ pose at the end : P Fucking stellar. Keep 'em coming!


Actually it was a polar shift that produced the flood. Happens every so often through an Equinox shift. Do some research.


When Ice melted it produced a flood...? Seriously? You realise that even if all the ice existing on Earth it wouldn't flood any continent. Why don't u just tell us that the boogie man is in fact Santa.


I dont know why, but just wow.

also, you talk fast, all I got was "Aboot* :)