Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"

We wont see this but....

What happens when we die where does the soul go to ?

got a question for you

soo does the theory of the evolution is kind of not true.. that we where almost some mokeys and evolut to what we are right now? so we just fall from the 4th dimention. (sorry for my bad writting french here) thank you if you can respond to me :P
P.s. keep up the good work i really like your vid


loved the ending, these episodes really make you think

Not sure, but still enjoying this

I'm still not entirely sold on a lot of things- for example, the Emerald Tablets; where are they now, and can they be viewed by normal folks, or at least archaeologists?- but I am enjoying the series nonetheless. I'm looking forward to seeing the conclusion of the Human History series.

HA - I got really excited at that ending

I KNEW that Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad are more than meets the eye.

I can't wait to hear this is explained.

There's so much controversy with each Religion.

Question: Is 2012 gonna be that 3 day "Void" phase? Where many with lower levels of consciousness might lose their memories?

Cause I was reading this Mayan belief about some kind of giant tree growing from the ground *(aka: The Tree of Life).

Ohh...Suddenly I can't wait till 2012. It's gonna be one heck of a surprise.