Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"

so, uh...

... what you say is in 2012, we will become "god like" like the atlantians again? and in the higher dimensions people are not physical? would the moving to higher dimensions be like a guy disappearing into thin air? and in the 3rd dimension, people could still be super human? also, would we forget everything again in 2012, or will the star of david (i like calling it that) keep our memories intact? it would be a waste doncha think?

ok i understand

hey how much are you learning in between the time periods of which you make these videos and how can i read the emerald tablets

i got it

so the dark pereod is like takeing a lardg magnit to a CD or something exept replace magnit with the dark pereod and CD with us. that actualy makes a lot of sens when you think about it.

yeah so... things...and stuff

all the things you are saying sound cool and conspiracy theory enough for me to enjoy watching them purely because its a cool story. but isnt the flower of life creation pattern false because its a 2 dimensional creation pattern? If what you were saying was true the flower of life and fruit of life would form 3 dimensional shapes out of spheres, and therefore the geometric patterns associated with it would have different meanings. Other than that the stuff you're saying is interesting enough that i don't care about validity, and i love every minute of it. Keep em coming.

RiverJordan responds:

The flower of life i taught was 2 dimensional, which was the shadow form of the 3 dimensional one. But yes, the flower of life is also 3 dimensions, and its pretty :D

Lol, I love it!

Fantastic use of humor! Your animations just keep getting better and better. Very engaging and interesting. Amazing voice acting, too. I can't wait for the next one!