Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"

The animation was pretty good

But this flash is absolutely insane....like Ancient Aliens caliber of crazy. Not very entertaining.

even more aswome

but just saying the people are named as the egiptian gods?

I'm digging it

That thot and firends bit was funny

interesting to say the least

I dont know how much of these lessons I believe literally but they're definitely thought provoking. Also out of curiousity are the three guys Siddhartha Gautama, Jesus Christ and Muhammed?
P.S. I love that you put a patch-man "The Tic" in your profile banner. I laughed so hard when I saw that

Can't hold back...

Muhahahahah! You gave the Buddha shades?
And you didn't draw him as the fat guy which almost all Americans would think of him?
Man, you're awesome :D

Ok, to something relevant
well... glad people really writing about what I actually think about Buddha, Jesus, & Muhammad. About the 2-4 days fading, so if it happens in 2012, so we'll have to reinvent fire all over again? What about the cars & houses we're having now? So it's all junk? About the flood, who build them if the humans aren't smart enough to build it yet? Why the underground city & the pyramids have to relate to Orion? Oh and by the way, if 5th lvl of counsciousness will give us 50ft tall, what about the prophecy about the world in Maitreya Buddha's time that all of us will be only the height of our knees & able to live for a thousand year?
Anyways... thanks for stuff for me to ponder & some digging *grabs shovel*