Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"


this is great science fiction

This is probably one of your best episodes so far

I have a few qestions and I would be very glad if you could answer them.After the void will we be able to feel the change or are we just going to subconciously fix our current problems.Will we become something like the atlantians or just most people wont even notice something different?Like will we be able to use our merkaba again and would it be easyer to austral project than it is now?Or will all this be in the distant future for us...?


Looking forward to next episode, please keep them coming.

You Heard Him

Wear your condom for protection or your F**ked

I got some questions...

first the is interesting, it explains this stuff in a way that is easy to understand
question 1) how do you know where your conscious level (or is it all the same)??
2) 2012, is a void gonna happen or are we all going to be super smart/ connected with one another??
3) How do you know if your gonning to lose your memories during the void or if your at the level where you will get "power" (not really sure what the word to put here)?????
4) Will humanity ever be able to live 900+ years again????

RiverJordan responds:

1) I think most people are on level 2, but there are of course levels within levels, that depends on the individual.
2) Scientist David Sereda as well as most channelers say that theres going to be a dimensional shift, which will shoot us into the 4th dimension. If this happens, we will go through the void, but its not going to make "everything better", but rather, everything will be different, and it'll be up to us to change. I don't want to say "That IS going to happen though", because theres always chances something else could.
3) I dont think were going to lose our memories due to the current density of our reality. In atlantis when we fell, we were at a super light density and could access our memories as full-tilt 3D holographic memories. But it was so light that when we fell, we easily lost our connection. Today, it now takes 14 days of void-ness to lose memories.
4) In the distant future, yeah! Actually, we might get to the point where death is a conscious choice.