Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"


You realize polar shift takes place over a period of thousands of years right?

Source: http://channel.nationalg eographic.com/channel/ends-of-the-ear th-pole-shift-2 (take out the space)

It's not some crazy natural disaster that can affect the minds and behaviors of others. If it was just imagine how many mass extinctions there'd be in the fossil record, since it's hardly reasonable that this sort of thing, if it's as severe as you claim, would only affect humans. Given that the earth has existed for 4.5b years, and Polar Shift happens approximately every 300k years, that's about 15000 times our poles have shifted.

I think you every time you speak you should have this at the bottom right corner of the screen.

[citation needed]

Since you haven't backed up your claims with any peer-reviewed studies.


a lot of ur stuff is getting 'outlandish' but thats how it usually happens doesnt it? @Mapleluigi14 i do believe that is what he was hinting at lol

love it

you always end at the worst times:( i can't even waitn a week for your next master piece.


could one of these 3 men be jesus?


Isn't this the stuff that scientology believes.
nice work with the movie.