Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"

wohoo another lession :D

i like your series. enjoy each and every chapter.
oh and about the fact of giant and none physical people, it is the tale on the Himalaiya too, was told by those of the oldest(high priest) and i belive that stuff :)

The education system could learn a lot from you.

I like learning facts. I like it when an intricate web of links finally comes together and makes sense. what you have provided here is a combination of those tow factors.

Animation: First rate stuff. Though not perfect, I liked your choice of cute/adult like characters were interesting listen to, and it provided a much easier to understand than to just listen to a disembodied voice.

Voice acting: Your voice is so much less annoying than a lot of my teachers. It was enthusiastic, it was intelligent, and it made me keep watching.

Story: Holy crap this was amazingly interesting! Even for a theory, this concept of evolving twice is like reading a book, but you even made it seem plausible. I was especially interested in the "stair step evolution" and the five stages of evolution.

Overall: I really thought that the combination of nice visuals, great voicing, and a really intruiging subject matter makes this one of the most interesting flashes I've seen this year.

I eagerly await your next installement.


i liked the end showing jesus,mitra and mohammed cooling up the place


well, if this is the case then i assume the next intelligence "boost" is gonna be .something to do with our energy consumption and a replacement for fossil fuels because that's what we need right now


You are the biggest Troll on the internet!

Paramount refusing to film an energy wall that repells bullets because mubaraks asks for an extra 500 thousand dollars just before the crews get to film?

What a bunch of bullcrap xD

And if those beings live in a city below egypt, then why dont they just come up and end all wars and make us perfect beings?

Dont bother to explain, everything can be explained if u have the internet and certain computer programs availabel ^^

by the way if i ever chose to believe in a religion it would be this one because its made up from pure awesome sauce, much better than scientology and their stupid galactic lord Xenu! And they want so much money for raising you to higher levels of consciousness through auditing...

well at least you can earn it back once you start auditing yourself...