Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"

this makes me want to go to egypt

that or keep watching these

after a marathon of your videos


kept going i love this kind of videos


Jesus comes to the rescue!!!!

Hey Jordan

Check out the songs Third Eye and Forty Six and Two by Tool. A lot of things your saying relate very much so to those two songs. Tool talks about a lot of what you talk about in your videos, but on a darker note. You should definitely check them out.

Where do you get all that information and...

be honest...might there something be a little bit, you know, fictional? just some details I mean so that it makes sense for you? XD just kidding :P It was(as always) great to hear about that mass of knowlegde you possess :) and you said something about a secret organisation in your video ,,human history nr3''.
Can I guess?
Is it the illuminati? =D