Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

dude..................so........... wonderful:')

the combination of artistic work along with the compelling story of the character makes this game astounding. this game is beautiful, thank you for bestowing this masterpiece upon us.


This was beautiful, made me look at my mother, and cry...

well obiusly

Obiusly this game has a good story,smooth grafics well maded,nice controlling,and biutifull 16 bits piano music,Chalenging at the same time too.
I liked it alot.Keep making great games man :D

We need more of these games

I think recently the US just labeled video games as a form of art. And this flash game is, i think, the small but important in showing people that they are right, that video game is art and not some cookie cutter shooter or rpg which sole purpose is to boost sales and trap people in a fake world where they think they're almighty. This game is emotional, but not like the pouring your heart out kind. I love the concept of exploring the theme of dreams and possibly some other themes beyond that. I like that you get to choose what kind of object you choose for the challenge and how they affect the overall story. The music is perfect for the mood at different parts of the game. The core mechanic is simple but never redundant. It would be better if you also had an wasd control of some people that are use to those controls. The level design was also different enough to keep the player engage at all times (except for some people, but they're forgetable) Overall. this was some great shit you put out, i hope you keep going with this kinds of games :)

Very deep and immersive

Alight (In Dreams) is a true masterpiece in gaming. Not only does it provide traditional and challenging platform gameplay with the addition of three different choices per level that affect the difficulty, but as a work of art it goes far beyond most other games I've played in my life. A simple but very deep story that sucked me in paired with very well thought poetic phrases, as well as the great fitting music, is what kept me glued to the screen playing this game for hours trying to achieve every possible outcome. I think I hadn't cried in years, but congratulations, Chris and Joel - this did the trick. Being able to translate a raw emotion into any kind of art is a very complex task, but you guys achieved it flawlessly, so here's a well-deserved 10 for you, although I only regret not being able to rate this higher. Keep up the good work!