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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

It should have been a flash movie, not a game

First off, the whole thing is very creative and interesting, it's a pretty good concept that has some dark undertones, so the storyline works. I even felt that the design aspect was pretty simple and minimalistic, creating a clean world that visually worked. There could be a game here, but currently there isn't one, which is why I suggest this would be a great flash movie instead. Just treat it like a walk-through hitting all the little info things, without the pain of having to 'play' the game.

It's hard for me to label this as a game because there really isn't much to play. It's a story and your only real goal is to get to the next part in the story. The only thing that resembles a game is bringing back the item to wherever you started. Let me assure you that was neither fun or enjoyable. Someone else stated that the controls should have been asdw and I agree 100%. The other thing that was difficult was the fact that you had two jump buttons. It needed to be one or the other because numerous times I would hit the up arrow by mistake when gliding, causing me to fall and miss my landing.

I really wish things would have clicked better, but as a game this really isn't a good one. It's a story that you've tried to turn into a game, but unsuccessfully sadly because it really is an interesting story.

From the perspective of an "uncultured person"

All the elements of this game are stock. The graphics, the music, none of it is original or meaningful. There are no real gameplay challenges, the character is not fun to control. The environments are stiff and uninteresting. The metaphor is total contrived bullshit. This game has basically no redeemable qualities.

You can't just slap some trance music onto your game and call it art. You have to have a message. You have to work it into gameplay. What is the message here? It doesn't challenge anything, it doesn't erupt any feelings, all it does is meander around a vague and uninteresting metaphor.

The only explanation I can think of is that this is some kind of Wayans brothers parody of bullshit arty games but even then it isn't that great.

Sydney shark is more of an art game than this.

0 Stars

Excrutiatingly BORING.

This game is incredibly boring and difficult to play. The controls feel awkward and respawn times are too long. The level design is very poor, both difficult to navigate on a moment-to-moment basis (platforms too far, obstacles awkwardly placed making for many annoying jumps...) and in an overall sense (difficult to figure out where I'm supposed to go next).

Of course the fundamental problem is that I just don't care about what's going on in the game. How can I? I don't UNDERSTAND what's going on in the game, and it's not even an intriguing lack of understanding. It just feels like shit randomly happening without even internally consistent logic or point to it at all. All I can tell you after playing the first one and a half levels (gave up after that because of how annoying and boring the gameplay is) is that this guy is in a dream. Frankly from second one you've put me off... how do you expect me to care about what's going on in someone's dream, anyway? It's a dream. It'll disappear once he wakes up.

We need more of these games

I think recently the US just labeled video games as a form of art. And this flash game is, i think, the small but important in showing people that they are right, that video game is art and not some cookie cutter shooter or rpg which sole purpose is to boost sales and trap people in a fake world where they think they're almighty. This game is emotional, but not like the pouring your heart out kind. I love the concept of exploring the theme of dreams and possibly some other themes beyond that. I like that you get to choose what kind of object you choose for the challenge and how they affect the overall story. The music is perfect for the mood at different parts of the game. The core mechanic is simple but never redundant. It would be better if you also had an wasd control of some people that are use to those controls. The level design was also different enough to keep the player engage at all times (except for some people, but they're forgetable) Overall. this was some great shit you put out, i hope you keep going with this kinds of games :)

Protagonist deserves it

dude forgets to put out a candle, house catches fire while he is asleep and he wakes up from his dream moments before he succumbs to the smoke and flames.

No alternate endings, no just different bonuses and apparently if you get all the clocks something else pops up but don't expect it to be an achievement reward.