Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

this need a level 8 on menu

man...i just fall down and then down up, and die(lol?) now i have to redo lvl7 again....


that made me cry its nice but some places was a bit difficult like when birds were snatching me and pulling me to the darkness and made me restart i liked a lot of different images in the game, I noticed a heaven like gate (short one) where half was green adn the other was dead/rotting when it was revealed more about the mother. when i saw the word "diagnose" i was like O.O............no...!!

This is the worst game I've ever seen!

The levels are destroyed, the music is depressing, the game is unenjoyable. This is why I like it. And this is why everyone else should like it, too. I can't believe there really are people out there who aren't touched by this story. It's not supposed to be a funny game in which you have to get achievements. The achievements are just for those who play games only if there are achievements. This is a story. A sad story about the memories of someone who is dreaming about his life. We see parts. Pieces. That's why the levels seem to be destroyed. Because this ISN'T his life, this is what is left. His memories. Being able to fly, being completely alone, being able to breathe in space, all these are metaphors which are meant to show you this is a dream. And walking on little flying planets, we all know planets are bigger and farer away but this actually is what happens if you dream about flying over and around a place you used to see from only one single perspective. This story tells a life a way which made me almost believe it was mine. There are more symbols in there as you can see in the first place. For example, what are the black birds supposed to mean you mustn't touch only when getting back anywhere? This made me think about the movie INCEPTION. Not because of manipulating dreams by making dreams in dreams but because this is a dream where the main character who's name is mentioned almost never, I think it was Charlie, reconstructs the places he's been. The only problem is: He never was able to fly before. And he doesn't remember exactly everything as perfectly as he might want to look right now. That's why the area begins to look weird, just as he begins to fly. And only pieces remain. Reconstructing something you never saw before isn't easy. Did you note the route he "takes every morning now" is better preserved than the rest? And his mother's death, if this doesn't touch you at all, you are an unfeeling bastard who doesn't know what it's like to suffer for real. This game is perfectly bad. It's so bad it's good. That's why it's perfect. And there are achievement points. The only thing missing here is a level editor. I saw the easy build-up of the levels. Either indestructable blocks or air. Make another flash, just like this, and support a level editor. I recommend you not to make achievements for making custom levels because this would cause too many spammers posting simple, fanciless, unimaginative levels, just to get this achievement trophy medal.

By the way, did you notice that the easy controls (never getting more special abilities) symbolise the easiness you have when dreaming?

Amazing is not good enough to describe it.

Ok, so, first of all: Excuse me if I make a mispelling of some sort its just that english isnt my born-language.

A few months ago I read this opinion that said that Videogames couldnt be considered an "Art" and (even if I was sure that was a lie) this game, this flash game with no High-Definition graphics couldnt have proved it more wrong.

The Story is Great, after playing for some minutes and getting deeper into the Story i somehow identified with the character like if I was Him.
Now, the Music. I never really got tired of it since it was PERFECT for this game.

The gameplay is really good, even if after you grabbed an object and that "darkness" appeared parts where sometimes kind of repetitive they were totally worth it.

This game is a 10/10 Even if the gameplay could have been better I really cant think of a better way.

Im Adding you to my Favorites And this game aswell.

Keep making this great games and prove all of us that Games CAN BE AN ART.


This was a Truly Heart warming and Soul Caring game to enjoy it brought my so much nostalgic feelings and the music was Perfect..