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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"


That was awesome,newgrounds needs more games and flashes like this one

I agree

I agree with Metaknight5 While this game isn't as boring as he implies it still is very repetetive "He goes to his memorable places recovers an artifact and brings it back to the building"

Ehh, good idea, but bad gameplay

The story is really unique and interesting, (it kind of made me think of Inception) which is definitely a major part in my book. However, what tore me was the follow-up. The gameplay mechanics are just really hard to control, making any maneuvering at all exceedingly difficult and frustrating; not to mention, the first jump, I feel, is quite a bit too small. As an example, you can't even jump onto a very short pillar with JUST the first jump, you have to use 2+ jumps, wasting time, which is important in a timed run. Also, the excessive medals for ONLY the clock (as well as the bad gameplay) make it hard for the player to JUST concentrate on the story, as I think should be done with such a grave and touching storyline like this one. I also think that the detection area for the "somke" storyline locations should be widened. It's hard enough to get around them, but to have to get directly over them to see the text is annoying. And last, but not least, I think that the character's happy-go-lucky walk (I almost want to say that it's similar to if you were to take a leisurely, pleasurable walk through the park.) is due-out-of-place in this serious and reminiscent of a game.


That is the only word I can use to describe this game. The story is just touching, close to your heart, and you feel bad for the poor guy, but, it still is beautifully personified into a game, 10/10.

I can't get in to it

If it a good game to other ok but when I am falling asleep to play this it isn't very fun there no wow to keep me going. The story seem nice but i can't stay focus on it to understand it.