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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Wow ....

This story was very emotionally involved and deep for just a flash game. I will agree that it was a bit slow trying to get everything put together and I figured something was burning ... especially when the candle was mentioned.

I have to say I got attached this poor guy and really felt bad for him after all that had happened in his life.

Overall, fantastic game. I had the sound turned off unfortuntately, but the gameplay was smooth with little to no glitches with the exception of the noted airstream .... though I managed to get out of it by pressing the down arrow key and timing it so that I eventually popped up into the room. I do wish the game was slightly more fast paced or had a little more too it ... while smooth it was very simplistic ... but I think I understand what you were going for.

I give it an overall 9/10 because of the difficult to figure out glitch and the slow gameplay.

Really a great game

I played through this in about 45 minutes, and it was time well spent. Loved the music, the gameplay, the storyline was touching, but the ending was a bit predictable. I guessed it about halfway through. Otherwise, perfect game, thank you for making it.

Tips and Game Review :D

If your new playing this game DON'T Spam the UP/Space Bar key
All you need to do is Press Up and Hold UP and Hold again So you can fly High :D
And For Beginners You need to Get the Feather First cause the feather is the easiest one :D and if you want it hard take the Clock cause it has A timer when the time alarmed "BOOOM" XD

Game Review~

Character 9/10
Music 9/10
Platform 10/10
Wings 1000/10
Challenge 10/10
Graphics 10/10

If you putted a Navigator map on this game it might be epic :D and when you hit a black bird the sound is kinda creepy but its fine and If you improve the background music a little bit and it will be the coolest game ever :D

done very nicely!

ok no lie this is a very great game!! the sound track is also what kept me playing! i would really like to know the song you used for this. other than that i love this game!
10 stars and 5 out of 5!

Good, meaningful, but could have been better.

I actually didnt finish the game, I got stuck in an airstream and couldn't move out,
But a good game; a touching story, and 8-bit graphics. All you need for a good game.
It felt too slow though, the jump was just too limited, the story was far too intriguing to go that slow with it. Keep up the good work,