Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

This art game has the perfect mixture between storytelling, musical/graphical art and video game challenging play. I don't think there is anything negative that can be said about this game. I can't find anything to say other than it is close to perfection.

Maybe it can be unforgiving and/or frustrating to casual (or just plain bad) players trying to achieve the secret ending. People may think it should be easier. I prefer a thousand times the way it is, though.

An epilogue would be nice, too. Not entirely necessary, but I figure after so many retries for the clock challenges, people may forget some parts of the plot due to incredible concentration required during dark parts.

Speaking of: People downvoting the game saying something like "return trips are useless" simply can't comprehend what this is about - or are illiterate.

Anyway - very well done.

This reminds me of the Owl City song "Fireflies".

i like it a lot...but i cant get past level three.:(

I really would love to actually read the story but unfortunately the return trips like being frustratingly impossible and detract a lot from my enjoyment.

Decent game here

This has a Swanky and even a Groovy visual effect to it, wich was nice and somewhat fitting, So in my eyes you have Distributed something pretty good here something solid and an overall good flash piece, Interesting game here, I do want to take some time and congradualte you on the time and effort and from that you won some awards so congradulations on the awards thats always a pleasure, so nice job on that aspect of things. So this was an interesting game, some nice soothing music, and some nice gameplay, allthough its just a dream its still a fun game, the controls are nice and smooth and the graphics was even better. anyways good job. I may not be the world's biggest fan but this piece shows a lot of foresight of skill and well done effort put forward into it so that i am pleased with. And overall as a whole this is pretty good.

You could probably do some touch up and even Extend this flash just a bit, Theres some Minor Details that you could address, And even Substituting some stuff here and there, this is a Genuinely decent flash you have here, No real changes, but maybe you can add some extra effects like when he is flying or doing other stuff some sort of flash effects would be nice.