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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

This was dumb

you have to be kidding me if you like this game. The designer probably put a lot of work into the game and that sucks for him because it's still terrible


This was wonderful and the story was thrilling also, it's probably why I wanted to finish the game so much and I love a game with a good story, thank you for that :)


And I thought he lived through the fire... Didn't he live through the fire?!


I enjoyed the game.The art is good for flixel,the controls arent bad..the difficulty is standard,which is good..and the story isnt obvious,and rather deep,which is excellent.
At first i thought it was a game about a guy that lost his mother and just couldnt keep thinking about her and the past.And the time he would cry,it would be the "black smoke" stage.
Just at the end you will find what was happening;You were thinking about the past because you re about to die.And the black smoke stage is nothing but you knowing the house is burning,and that if you breathe it you will die.
The doors could be either : You escaping the house or just a way to tell the story in a linear form.
Nice game.Reminded me of "Everything start to fall".
But hey.Dont let this game influence you.What your parents would most want of you is you to make them proud.And making them proud is to live and be sucessful.


PS:I didnt experience any trouble with saves.Who says that the save feature doesnt work probably have the wrong storage setting of your Flash/Browser.


I loved the game....has a very dark story, yet I was compelled to finish it... good work just great.

Too long for an Art Game

The game becomes boring and repetitive after a while, and the ambiguous story line, that leaves alot out, doesn't push me to continue playing. Though these are my favorite kind of games, I believe they should be short and to the point.

So, 7/10