Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Great, but not too great.

Great idea for a game. I love these dreamy type of peaceful worlds that you can interact in, so seeing something like this get the big front page is better than another arcade game redone. It was entertaining, and I'm willing to go against the mainstream idea of forcing me to use space. I found the up button to be a lot better, although I'm going to suggest WASD overall. It wasn't that much of a game though in the end. While I enjoyed it, and that quote about feathers being a special treasure will always stick in my mind... it was still felt like a lacking game.

I'm going to give you 5/5 because people like manrayer88 apparently think that this game needs morals and meanings... right like I play games to help smokey the bear. <_< It's a game on new grounds, not some advocate promotion, or oversized riddle. Take it for what it is. The beauty of real art is that it is the artist's dreams/visions, not the viewers.

got love the old school way!!

i like it. its got more then the eye can see. old school way is always good this how all game came to be.


"uncultured person"

Not perfect

A lot of people tend to either love this game to bits or completely hate it. I'm giving it a 5: The graphics are good enough to illustrate whats going on here and the anticipation is a strong point for this game, it's what kept me playing. But unfortunately I was hoping for a twist at the end, and the smoke wasn't enough of a twist. the rest of the story was just a way to lengthen the game, in other words: it just wasted my time.
However, the game itself was pretty good, the physics, the controls (except I think the the space bar should be the only jump button), the sound effects and the style was all pretty good. but I'm a hardcore classic gamer and even I found this to be tedious at times, getting lost was a major concern.
But as far as I can tell, there were no bugs or any weird and confusing gameplay elements, its very straightforward and easy to pick up.
Good work!


Now if you don't like this game then you shouldn't have touched in the first place, No offence it was a bit boring but this game should have been a little bit boring because this game is about life and in life you have ups and downs sad and boring parts, now if you were looking for exciting then you can choose the clock to get a challenge, and I like the way that this game had choices. Now the ending gave you a choice now that can be a sequel. Now the music was nice, calm and peaceful. I liked the graphics classic style because it reminded me of a earlier gamer age Beautiful game and deserves a high score and if gets one deserves every point.
Great Job.