Reviews for "BlackLight"

i didnt do it!

i didnt touch those spikes...there was like a meter of space between me and the spikes
....how did i die?

CloudEater responds:

The spikes pulsate high frequency energy particles which disparate after a short distance but if you are too close to the spikes these particles destroy your brain and you die.

Holy crap this game is awesome!

Lawdy best game ever! I had no short amount of pure pleasure playing this piece of nirvana! Everything form the characters to the platforming and story was sublime! Pristine enviorments and artwork! The music was a masterful piece that even the masters of music could not compare to. I would like to state that this is the best game on NG!

CloudEater responds:

A bit of an overstatement I think but thanks.d

... Wait, what?

I'm missing the point. Is he gay or something? Or is the whole point of life to meet a girl? Fucking everything. Besides that, the game was alot, but not fun. Can't say I enjoyed it. That aside though, kudos on the artwork. That shit matters.

CloudEater responds:

I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

This game is amazing

It is a great game i loved it it made me wonder about our lives and everything there is to know in life awesome job


"i been running away for a purpose and then i found you"