Reviews for "BlackLight"


What an awesome little game! Cool atmosphere, great music, not too difficult to figure out. Nice ending. Not all questions should be answered all the time. Leaving a question leaves a sense of wonder behind.

Although it's not long or overly complex, I wouldn't be surprised if this gets a spot on the Front Page.

Well done. :)

CloudEater responds:

Thanks much for the review. I would be very happy if it got Frontpage.


people, the game is about life itself, seen on a metaphorical level.
please make a sequel?

CloudEater responds:

This game is actually about Cuban Trolley Surfers.
A sequel is extremely unlikely... I may make similar games though.

very good

the concept in my opinion was very good. nicely challenging in some parts. very good job

CloudEater responds:


good game

i love the game but i wish there was more dialog so that we could connect with the characters more all and all love it ^^

CloudEater responds:

Dialog would've been good, for some reason we DIDN'T ADD THAT! D:<

Nice music