Reviews for "BlackLight"

um... ok

several points could be made about this game but im gonna stick with the top three

1. if your gonna do a "growing up and dealing with life but we're gonna show it in the form of a platformer puzzle hybrid" you're gonna need a little dialogue
2. you gotta make the platforming acturally difficult in a way that not cheap... (the lever and spike, ball and two platforms that you never see coming,clicking a leaf to make the tree fall over instead of the branch that logically could have been used as a grip)
3. since when do teenage jobs allow spike ceilings anyway, this game lacks a lot of logic

CloudEater responds:

1. ok;
2. It was fair cheap and you COULD click the branch, didn't have to click the leaf;
3. Since when are games meant to be perfectly logical!!!!!!

Looks a lot like limbo

Playing this game felt like playing Limbo. Both were difficult, but some things here to me seem unreasonable

CloudEater responds:

LIEK WHAT?!!!!! D::::::: TELL ME

I have three things to say.

I have only three things to say: LIMBO, Good Game, and where's the point? I haven't played LIMBO, but I have seen several screenshots, trailers, and video reviews and playthroughs. In this, the art and gameplay seemed very similar to that of LIMBO's. The music also seems to chime in the with the creepy style of LIMBO. But after all, it was a good game. There was no story, though, which was odd...And the ending was just...obvious connection to LIMBO.

But nonetheless, despite their being no story, the game was overall too short. I don't see what the point behind any of it was, and I do think that before you made this that you were exposed to some LIMBO gameplay maybe, and just accidentally recreated that awesome game.

-Too Short
+Hard Moments

7/10, 3/5.

CloudEater responds:

lol, I've never played Limbo but the other guys had and yea lol thanks for the review


This game was pretty good, but it has some issues.
The game would be much scarier if you made the baby a little bit less cartoony.
I loved the music in the game, especially the music box waltz.
The first level was good, but should have been darker with more (and also scarier) toys. The second level was actually pretty weird. It would be more cool if you made other children in the background laughing at you, and that there was a bully or something. I realise that is hard to do, but the game would be much scarier if you did.
The third level was also good, with the depressing city and stuff. The ending was maybe a little strange, but it was OK .Good job to all of you, because this game was not bad at all.

CloudEater responds:

Thanks for the review,,, it would've been more scary if there was jello bears.

Pleasent yet short game

You are very capable of making some good things as you have done so here, i ran into some interesting things and unnecessarily found some things that you could possibly work on but ill get to that soon enough, You have a groovy entry here, Notbad on this, i am glad you guys have won an award for this, The detail and effort really shows off on this one, the music the gameplay was all fun, i do however think you should add much more medals and make "ASWD" controls for movment, so that you can use the mouse option on the right hand, but other then that it was a very pleasent outcome kind of quiet, this was still a very good game / movie. You always want to put out stuff that you are really proud of,and something that fans will say "HOLY COW" And you have done just that here with this entry, Just keep at what you do because its making people enjoy your work.

It probably sounds like I'm crapping all over the game, but I did enjoy it for what it was, and I'd like to see it improved and even expanded. For all the art assets that obviously went into the game, Soimgonna try and promote some ideas and tips here that will push on the improvment. Make the A,S,W,D as a set of movment controlls, also this game is pretty good, could be longer and much more medals should be added.