Reviews for "BlackLight"


The game was good but WAAAAAY short


I really dont like giving low scores but a copy of limbo with few levels and no challenge isnt worthy of a higher score. Im ok with games that borrow from other games but if your going to do that take what makes the full game fun and though youll have to remove some features just concentrate on what made it fun. This could have been a challenging little puzzle game at its best. Also when you make a game try to play through it and look for ways to break it on purpose to remove the possibility of exploits. In the weighted pad and huge ball trap i just jumped over the trap when i replayed the game.



The music...Its the music that I love

Great Game....


It's not everyday you play games like this. The gameplay wasn't the most fun, but the artwork as long as the storyline(which is a mysterious one) made up for the game. Great game in general, keep making games like these!