Reviews for "BlackLight"

Wow :D

First time playing this kind of game, this is...great! Haha, a lil too short though, the ending was great, mysterious.

CloudEater responds:

Ooman! lol haha x)

I really like this...

I can see you guys really put a lot of effort into this game. The music is excelent, It helps to keep the mood in the game, the atmosphere Its quite magnificent. The concept is verry good aswell, but could be a lot better. For example, you could develop a hole world of objects for the plataforms rather than rectangular boxes.
There is also a bit of hiden messages behind the kid obstacles...something intresting aswell...
Great game!

Keep up the good work.

CloudEater responds:

Thanks KW. I didn't even notice the hidden message behind the kid obstacles, please inform me!!


for only having only a weekend to make a story, draw it, code it, and test it to make sure its playable for the most part. You guys did amazing.

The last couple of revives seem to forget you only had one weekend to do this.

although I do hate open ended stories >.> but with time limits doing more would of been a struggle, so I will not punish you for it.
But really finish the story up in another game or a message o.o


CloudEater responds:

Thanks man! >:3

is a great game but too short

I love this! Make a sequel please! :D