Reviews for "BlackLight"

Very calming

The music goes hand in hand with the different levels, so to speak. Movement is a bit slow, but at 12 fps, that's explainable.

Loving the story; infanthood with its own perils, the relative ease of childhood, and then... Love? Death? I guess it's what you make of it...

Only complaint: It was a bit short. But it's very enjoyable nonetheless.

CloudEater responds:

Hahaha!!!!! (L)


great concept and congratulations on the daily award

awesome game but so short dammit


...but underdeveloped. I praise especially the choice of music and monochrome, but the gameplay needed some more elaboration and clear metaphors to justify the meaning of having a gameplay at all. That said, i liked it.

CloudEater responds:

Yes, wise words. merci

it was a good game

ir deserves the third place

CloudEater responds:

ir .