Reviews for "BlackLight"

I feel like....

...That I've just played a knock-off of Limbo. I'll throw away that fact though. The game was SHORT, and animations were atrocious. The apparent story line, is very vague and any one person (IMO) would have to put hours of thought into it. If the game was fixed up a little bit, and then lengthened, it might be worth higher than a 3.

Nice but Easy

I like the game :) the jumping animation feel stiff to me, and there are areas where if you make a mistake, you have to die to restart but its nice :) just didnt evoke any emotion to me due to lack of challenge


The game took me about 7 minutes to complete and the animations sucked.
Horrid game how has this not been blamed yet?

A Little Short

A good game with more substance than just the art. I was hoping you where going to take him from being a baby till death and hit on some of the key points in his life to play through. Like when he met a girl then we get the wedding middle age and death. Oh well good job. Just was hoping for a longer than 5 minutes gaming experience.

CloudEater responds:

The game would be too depressing if it went any further.

Potential as an Animation; Not a game

Gameplay in the barest sense of the word.

Little in story, other then what the "game" vaguely portrays.

The music is great, but given the music wasn't made for the game, it doesn't count towards the score, IMHO.

The effort spent on making this into a game could have gone into making a better animation or flipbook, given the art style.

Games can be art. But it's the compilation of it's parts, the graphics, gameplay, music, and story, is what makes it art.

This is not art.

CloudEater responds:

Your review makes no sense, fu