Reviews for "Tomb Defender"

If I can't play, I can't rate

I could not play this game. That's not an attack on the quality or anything, I mean I was actually incapable of playing the game as it crashed my browser something fierce. I'm really disappointed because it looks like a fun game with a great looking aesthetic.

However, I think you probably bit off more than you could chew. What little I was able to see of the game looked really nice, but I'm betting those high quality graphics and animations are what is preventing me (and from the look of it, others) from playing and enjoying the game. Take that into consideration for your next game-- if a good chunk of people can't play it at all, it might be a good idea to scale it back.

kinda boring

It was alright for a little while, but you never did anything new and no real upgrades or anything...could just keep using the same 3 spells over and over.

love it...

the loading screens took to long for me tho!


Not a bad idea, but it gets repetitive really fast, always starting with a broom is stupid, and oh yeah, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

i just realized.

this game gets good after level 1