Reviews for "Tomb Defender"


But it's not great. The controls aren't too smooth and the specials, for what they could do, aren't great. The idea itself is also fairly overdone already..

I'd have liked to see other upgrades to gear, and maybe also the specials, as well.
Besides that, it's got a fairly unreasonable difficulty curve.

It's okay but...

It's an okay game but I died during the second level and now that I killed everyone the level is not moving on. I've just been standing there for a few minutes and nothing is happening. If the shop offered abilities to do more damage and other things it would be better rather than just selling the z x c options. Graphics are good for a flash game and the frame rate is good.


Why do all games with cool looking thumbnail have not so high score? find this review useless if you wan't, but it's true! and i like the game! the art is good, animation is nice, and the design is also good. I like the combat mechanics in the game. When you get close to the enemy your character grabs and punches him which is cool! as for the character you play as is greatly done! i like his deisgn very much. And weapons are good too. Anyways, it's an ok game, but needs some improvments, because the game play is bit slow and it would be nice if camera was little small. I mean your character and enemies look way too big on the screen, would of been nicer if the screen was little shorter along with enemies, your character, and everything else! hope you get the point. I also like the part that you play as Dracula's bodyguard, but the game needs little darker atmosphere and stuff, because you're in Transilvaniya, right? and things are not as dark and creepy as they should be.

And wow! i've got to give a credit to this game, because it's really rewarding! i passed one level and i got like 4 medals! so, my point is that the game needs little bit if improvment and it can be great! hope to see a sequel to this. And also, i didn't like the ''shop'' because all you buy is fire, ice, and the other doll thingys, it should have weapons, a little bit upgrades if you ask me.

It's a good game though.



i liked this game. except for the shop options. put in some upgradable weapons, armor, and health. just my two cents.


The wizard sounds like a dog.Bahaha. :)