Reviews for "Tomb Defender"

Pretty cool game

as of right now im top 25 in the world in high scores.

feels good man. only made it to day 5 though. They destroyed the coffin :(

Nice Game!

Just wow! The content is awesome..much win in it!!!

I just love the graphics and all
keep that uppy ^o^

Really, a broom?

I liked this game a lot because it had a great sense of adventure to it. While it all took place in the same room, there still seemed to be a lot of space to discover. I especially enjoyed getting to hit so many enemies at one time with those special moves. I do kind of wish you had upgrades in making the tomb more durable (as well as the hero). The cutscenes were fine and I could not skip them. I especially like the funny grunting sounds all these characters make.

There's a great variety of enemies to fight and they have a great variety of attacks as well. You even had a great variety of attacks to use yourself even if it was hard to control them. I'd think this would be a game similar to "Tomb Raider" because of the title. I like how a lot of them just lie on the ground awhile before dying. It gives you time to recover.


It seemed like it would have been fun. But the lag made it far too difficult and frustration for me to continue playing. The sound effects and music were well done, and the special attacks were nice. But the gameplay, due to the terrible lag, wasn't at all enjoyable. Perhaps give a quality button that lets us tone down the graphics enough for us to enjoy the actual game.


It's like a really hard, not very good, copy of Castle Crashers.