Reviews for "Tomb Defender"

something missing

I got too bored after the 3rd level. An upgrade system would have kept me playing but rebuying some spells wasn't the least motivating. I'm sorry if I missed something on the later levels though.

Mericore Beat em' up game

generic beat em up game where you defend a coffin with 3 "ultimate" attacks which you have to buy charges to use, nice quality, but the gameplay itself is very primitive. There just isn't enough content here to keep a player engaged for more than 5 minutes. I'd suggest something like a combo or upgrade system as well as using those coins for more than just keeping your spells spammable. (customizable avatars, upgrades, equipment, etc.) The game definitely has potential and i like the idea behind it, but there just isn't enough game here. Nice try though.

Good Game

makemymonstergrow, if you can't play this this game due to your shitty computer, then don't leave a review. Keep your mouth shut rather than rating a game you haven't played a 0. This game is fun by the way.


The game is fine, good work. I love all the people leaving bad reviews because they have shitty computers. Keep it up and disregard them.


I got absolutely no lag for slow downs at all on my 4 year old mediocre laptop with 12 USB devices three youtube videos diablo 2 WMP all running in the background on the same core. The graphics aren't even all that spectacular (while still good) to warrant anyone blaming him for slowdowns. The game is fine.

A little bit boring as I'd like to see an upgrade system and more to do with your gold then buying three powers but not a bad game.